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The ZTR Race 7000 rim did more than find its way to the bikes of some of the world’s most elite professionals; it has inspired the development of four new rim models for 2010. Sabine Spitz, Lance Armstrong, Dave Wiens, Mary McConneloug, Todd Wells, Geoff Kabush and countless others selected the Race 7000 rims when their races counted the most. The extensive feedback received was then used to develop the best tubeless rims available.

It is important to recognize that low weight alone does not make a good rim. The patented inner shape which traps air pressure better than any other is the secret to the performance of the ZTR rim line.
Key features shared among the new flagship ZTR Podium MMX, ZTR Alpine, ZTR Summit and as yet unnamed ZTR road project are as follows.

– Improved tire stabilization by way of shorter sidewalls and increased inside widths
– easier tire inflation than previous models
– improved ability to trap air pressure
– shorter sidewalls to decrease the chances of denting and improve tire performance.

ZTR Podium MMX

The Podium MMX is the successor to the heralded ZTR Race 7000. Featuring a nearly identical profile to the Race 7000, the Podium MMX weighs just 284 grams and is over 21mm wide inside. Utilizing a different alloy than the Race 7000, the new rim also features an improved drilling geometry for better nipple alignment and improved fatigue resistance.


available in 26″, 32 hole only

ZTR Alpine

Similar to the ever popular ZTR Olympic rim the Alpine is lighter than the Olympic at only 330 grams. In addition, the Alpine measures 20mm inside, rather than 18mm which combined with the shorter sidewalls will stabilize tires as well as most 28mm wide rims.


available in 26″ only
28 hole and 32 hole drilling

ZTR Summit

Similar to the ZTR 355 rim the Summit is lighter than the 355 at only 340 grams. The Summit’s disc specific design gains 2mm in inside width over the 355 at 21mm which combined with the shorter sidewalls will stabilize tires as well as most 30mm wide rims.


available as a 26″ rim in 24, 28 and 32 hole drilling
available as a 29″ rim in 32 hole drilling

ZTR “Road and Cyclocross”

Tubeless compatibility, 350 grams and machined sidewalls . The ZTR rim line will add a road and cyclocross model that is a bit wider than traditional clincher rims with an eye towards exceptional tire stability and ride quality. Tubeless is the future of road and cyclocross racing and NoTubes will be leading the way.


available in 700c, drilling options to be determined