hier noch eine aktuelle Info zu den neuen Naben aus Italien:

The newcoming HyperDisc lineup will be ready available in October 2010.
The lineup includes the following versions to fit most popular fork/frame standards.

HyperFront (standard 100mm) 24-28-32h, 78gr, UE-Rtp Euro 199.-
HyperRear (standard 135mm) 28-32h, 168gr, UE-Rtp Euro 449.-
HyperLefty (Lefty fork standard) 24-28-32h, 84gr, UE-Rtp Euro 199.-
HyperFront QR15 (standard QR15) 24-28-32h, 78gr, UE-Rtp Euro 199.-
HyperRear QR12 (standard E-Thru/142/142+) 28-32h, 170gr, UE-Rtp Euro 449.-
Each model can be orderd with the optional HDC Hybrid Ceramic bearings factory installed.

Das ist doch mal ne Ansage!!

Bis später

Ciao Robert

PS: Die Naben könnt Ihr natürlich gern schon bei uns vorbestellen! 😀

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  1. Light-Wolf sagte:

    sorry, Robert but he’s asking about 9mm ThruBolt from DTswiss.
    There the hub doesn’t have axle studs and the rod has a diametre of 9mm.
    You just mean the usual quick release with the rod of 4-5mm.
    @Artur: as i’m informed fron Extralite, the Hyperfront will only be available for standard QR.


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